The media has a way of shaping the minds of individuals on how they perceive relationships and sex. In most media outlets, sex and relationships are always so amazing and at every point in a relationship, it is always a bed of roses and there are little or no challenges faced and the couple or partners involved, always gets their happy ending, with their love being so sweet and effortless.
Even though there are a lot of brain-washing and deception about the concept of relationship as against the reality of life, it is quite difficult to form expectations and assumptions about love, sex and romance without the media having their role to play.
The media influences and manipulates people by making them believe in the wrong ideals of how a realistic relationship should look like, and this has a great impact on people’s relations and romance life, because they tend to fall deep into the deception that keeping a stable relationship is quite an easy task.
As a result of this deceit, they enter into a romantic relationship with a false notion of what it entails but in reality, a relationship is not that easy to manage because it involves a lot.
It is important to be aware that those involved in a relationship are quite different and have different behaviours and notions. There are times where there might be differences in views and opinions concerning a particular matter pertaining to their relationship, but a key determinant is that both are in constant communication and passionate about something which implies that there is a particular thing both partners can agree on.
Also, the media portrayal of relationship, sex and romance is not realistic because they do not face the main issues pertaining to a relationship life. They do not talk about the common struggles those in a relationship face. What they showcase usually is that either two parties engaged in a relationship are rich and financially buoyant or they are destined to be together right from childhood and that is a false and an inaccurate depiction of a realistic relationship.
It always seems so easy and always without no stress or difficulty, and sometimes very perfect according to what the media portrays. However, in reality, it is great and also very challenging but not in many means perfect.
Furthermore, the media depiction of an unrealistic relationship sets people on course for attaining unrealistic goals when they finally enter into a relationship.