The mass media has so much encapsulated and captured the minds of people drowning them in a sea of information. Movies, books, televisions and also the internet in a way influences people and the decisions they take as regards relationships.
From the information garnered, people are educated about sex, romance and relationships. However, it is unfortunate that most of the information received are biased and deceptive, and even sometimes incomplete. As a result of this fact, quite a number of people are left with unrealistic expectations of a good relationship, hence leading to future relationship problems and issues.
Media influences the minds of people, and teaches them to desire the negative tendencies and inclinations as regarding relationships. For instance, it has been a constant discussion as to how pornography negatively influences a relationship but less attention and focus has been paid to the fact that there are negative effects of mass media such as in the show case of romantic movies, overrated TV shows and also the sale of romantic books.
Moreover, a larger percent of the blame still goes to the individual who deemed it fit to purchase such movies and books rather than the impact of inaccurate and inauthentic media portrayal and social influence. As a result of this, quite a number of individuals are not aware they are misguided and for those who are actually aware and are finding it difficult to abstain may be afraid of not being labelled irrational.
It is important to note that it is even possible to have a twisted view of how the media portrays love, sex and romance but that does not mean one is crazy or abnormal, it is just a state of misinformation and misconception which has resulted in thoughts or beliefs that will not help one find through love or satisfaction with a relationship.
Letting go of false expectations one might have derived from mass media portrayal, is key in removing the influence it has on a relationship or sex life. It is good to see relationships as both individuals working to meet the needs of the other, an undergoing a cordial exchange of feelings and worth for a mutual and common relationship balance and satisfaction.
Therefore, rather than simply being focused on one side of the relationship, which may be as a result of faux expectations derived from the media, it is important to see what the two parties want in the relationship and see what they can both share.