How Sex, Love and Romance are Portrayed in the Media

media portrayal sex love romanceIf people formed romantic relationships the way characters in movies and TV shows do, they would look very different. Everyone’s courting would be whimsical and flirtatious, their bedroom romps magical and passionate, their differences dramatic and heart tugging and their decision to be together forever a perfect happy ending. At a certain point in adulthood, most of us come to realize that these expectations are unrealistic, yet they are steadily reinforced again and again in media portrayals. A closer inspection of these misleading media portrayals gives you a clearer picture of how far removed from reality they are.

In films and TV shows, courting and dating is always incredibly cute. Characters meet under serendipitous circumstances. Sometimes their chemistry is instant, and other times they initially dislike one another, adding to the passion of their chemistry later in the story. Fate continues to throw memorable, ironic moments their way, which they stumble and laugh and flirt their way through adorably, until that magical moment when they have their first kiss.

As we all know, kisses in most movies and TV shows logically leads straight to sex. Sex in movies and TV shows is always portrayed as good sex. It is either passionate, kinky, sweet or loving, but always good. The characters are always sexually compatible, knowing what the other wants and being in perfect harmony with one another. This great sex naturally leads to a lot more great sex.

After a certain amount of blissful new relationship time has gone by, inevitably the couple encounters the ways that they are different and a seemingly insurmountable conflict arises between them. They have a dramatic falling out, the sad music plays, and they spend a certain amount of time mourning and reflecting upon the love they had. One or both of them needs to realize something about themselves before they can be together happily.

Fortunately, for everyone involved, that lesson is eventually learned in a moment of ecstatic self-discovery when one lover runs to the other, making an enormous scene in order to profess their undying love for the other. Naturally, the other lover feels the same, and they are reunited with the suggestion that they will never, under any circumstances, part ways again.