Studies has shown that individuals regularly and commonly communicate inauthentic and insincere loving messages to their partners. There are different motives for this act of deception which includes emotion management, conflict avoidance and a need to save one’s face.
It is important to note that a crucial part in maintaining deep relationship, is in effective communication of love and affection. Affectionate communication is considered to be an adaptive behavior which leads to long term endurance of a relationship. Affection is a basic interactive resource, and research shows that individuals identify affection as a very important feature in their mates.
Deception is regarded as a message which consciously transmitted by the sender to intentionally initiate a false belief of affection in the minds of the receiver. Having known that honesty is a desired characteristic in mates, hence, one may have the opinion that deception rarely occurs in romantic relationships. According to research, one in three interactions with a non-married romantic partner is contained a considerable element of deception.
It is no news that most romances in film and other media outlets have at least some elements of delusion. Although, fantasy is not a negative thing, but it has the potency to create manipulative concept of love, relationships and marriages and owing to the fact that there is a lot of dependence on media on a daily basis, one cannot totally avoid having false expectations that would end up creating a lasting negative effect on the individual.
There is a faux depiction of romance on TV shows and movies which take romance to the extreme rather than the ordinary. A real relationship is faced with challenges and that is what makes it unique and interesting, rather than the mundane relationship settings exhibited by mass media. They can actually manipulate and influence their affectionate messages by stimulating, or over emphasizing a fantastical concept of a relationship.
Largely showing how unavoidable daily media intake is, it is important for those in a relationship to be aware of the necessary distinction between the love and affection we see in films and movies, and the unrealistic concept and expectations they create.
There is also a distinction between love and marriage where love is viewed as a fun filled experience and marriage a platform at which love dissolves. Marriage is and has always been portrayed as the unsuitable aftermath of weddings.
It is seen that marriage is dull and quite boring unlike weddings which are glamorous and interesting, and a common feature in movies is to have the wedding scene at the end of the movie leaving the marriage aspect to be pondered on by the viewers. This is in a considerable contrast to how relationship works in real life