Anyone who strictly abides by what the media says about love, sex and romance, would most likely not have a successful romantic relationship. The way the media portrays relationships is quite misleading, as it is painted as one which is completely controlled by emotions, making it look as if all what you need in order to make a relationship work is innate, and there is no work or logic required.

One fact about relationship is, it is an aspect of life which needs to be carefully watched and managed expertly, just like other aspect of one’s life. A relationship does not have to do with emotions and feelings alone like the media would portray it.

As regards dating, when it comes to reality, it does not really involve enjoyable moments which are romantically-attached. It is something which needs much work, tolerance, patience and strength. In the dating world, rejection is inevitable. In the dating game, rejection could occur at any point. It could take place early in the relationship, it could occur mid-way and it could also occur much later.

However, people who are in a dating relationship, should bear it at the back of their minds that for a relationship to work, it requires both parties to be contributory partners, and that one person should not just walk off, leaving the other to figure things out, this is one fact which the media does not properly explain.

At a point in the relationship when things get rocky, both parties are not expected to give up, and expect that things would get better by themselves. The media has wrongly taught that relationships which get better after a hot conflict, usually get better by chance and with time. This notion is wrong and misleading.

Also, the media has also given sex a different image. The media portrays sex as something which is urgent and very easy to undergo. However, in reality, when it comes to sex, it is an activity which must be accompanied by caution and respect. It is not usually a perfect activity as it requires understanding from both parties.

To make a relationship romantically active, it is necessary that understanding and communication are the watchwords which should drive the relationship.